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“I participated in this mentorship program in order to gain a world perspective on the financial services industry. That is exactly what I got. The advice I received from my mentor helped me bring the right mindset into my internship. The connections you make in this program are meaningful in every way, and I am grateful to have participated. I would highly recommend this program to anyone interested in learning about financial services through an international lens.”

- Harrison K. - Cornell University '20



“As an individual coming from a biology/STEM background, I have been very worried that consulting industries will want business and finance majors only - but Mr. Newman spoke to me a lot about how consulting industries look to see how individuals thinks. He said that all consultants start out as generalist but then as they work for company for a while, they begin to specialize in different fields, and, thus, he said my pre-med and biology background could help me to possibly specialize in healthcare consulting or something of the like. Mr. Newman also had very good tips for me when it came to interviewing.”

- Isabella B. - Cornell University '21

I really enjoyed having the opportunity to speak with an exciting technology entrepreneur and investor that, without SUNM, I never would have had the chance to meet. He taught me so much about what it takes to be successful in business and in life, as well as the cultural differences between Israel and the US. We talked about the importance of investing in people, over investing in ideas. I learned a lot about Israel as well; Aviv spent some time telling me about the culture and the tremendous growth ever since Israel was founded. We also spoke about the generational difference and how our generation is more willing to start companies. If you want to broaden your horizons, learn something new, or just meet a mentor, sign up for SUNM!

- Jeff L. - Cornell University ‘20 | Mentor: Aviv Leshem, Founder & CEO of Telmil Electronics, an Avnet Company

In our conversation, Mr. Rapps discussed his journey to working at Playtika, and gave me advice on what it means to work for corporate development and investments at a large company based in Israel. We also discussed what life was like in Israel compared to other places that he has lived, and he gave me tips on following my entrepreneurial interests at Princeton.

- Brandon C. - Princeton University ‘21 | Mentor: Eric Rapps, Managing Director, Playtika Growth Investments

After sharing my background and interests with Dr. Sheffer, I asked her about her line of work and what inspired her to pursue educational psychology. We also discussed differences between the American education system and the Israeli education system. I asked Dr. Sheffer a few more questions about her views on education such as what makes a good educator and what Dr. Sheffer's personal goals are in her work. We concluded the conversation by discussing my future independent work and Dr. Sheffer suggested that I look into the Self-Determination Theory.

- Ali S. - Princeton University ‘21 | Mentor: Dr. Yael Zohar Sheffer,  Educational Psychologist

Over the course of our conversation, the theme of focused largely on skills for success, the development of important skills, and how these skills, positions, and industries related to and differed in Israel. The specific topics varied slightly more and covered what banks seek when hiring, which jobs taught the most important skills, the importance of language in understanding and communicating with others, and more specific aspects of Mr. Ringler’s previous positions and career. Next, the conversation touched on key sectors in the Israeli economy, specifically technology and finance and the key factors that drive those two sectors. Finally, we discussed the best ways to acquire the skills discussed earlier and the significance of being willing to take risks.​

- Matthew H. - University of Chicago ‘21 | Mentor: Yaakov Ringler, Managing Director, Morgan Stanley

We discussed each of our backgrounds; I gratefully learned of his work as a lawyer, human rights advocate and founder of several organizations such as Jerusalem Institute of Justice. Through our meeting, I expressed an interest in applying for an internship with JIJ, and my plans to self-study the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its human rights implications.


- Kateryn M. - Princeton University | Mentor: Calev Myers, Israeli lawyer, author and civil rights activist

Great conversation about Alex's Experiences as an entrepreneur and employee in Europe and the USA. Talked about daily habits and routines as well as emerging market trends around the world. One of the nicest people I’ve ever spoken to and super willing to help.

- Tom S. - University of Michigan | Mentor: Alex Behar, Member of the Board of Bright Capital/Global Entrepreneur

We talked broadly about the technology Venture Capital sector and the nuances of investing in growing startups that offer a high-tech product. We also talked about how one can prepare for a career in VC - different courses, training and internships that might be applicable. Overall, it was an extremely helpful and warm conversation. Noa told me a lot about her career experiences, and it was great getting to know her and establishing a network of support.

- Aram H. - University of Chicago | Mentor: Noa Yaar, Strategic Partnerships, Jerusalem Venture Partners

We had a wonderful call in which we discussed each other’s background and experiences. Mr. Schuster described how he grew up in NJ but felt drawn back to Israel and decided to spend his adult life there. We also scheduled a follow-up call to open a dialogue about our views of Israel given our different perspectives!

- Vamshi E - University of Chicago | Mentor: Hillel Schuster, Head of Management Consulting, KPMG Israel

Asaf and I had a great conversation about entrepreneurship and managing a business. I really enjoyed hearing about his experiences and insights on building his previous company from the ground up. I also gained a deeper understanding of the qualities and skills that are crucial to being successful in the start-up and entrepreneurial space.

- Rayen W. - University of Chicago | Mentor: Asaf Paz, CEO & Co-Founder at

A large part of our conversation was about the similarities and differences in terms of skills required and typical workday for careers in banking compared to careers in consulting. Additionally, he offered a large amount of insight into how consulting allows individuals to gain exposure to a diverse set of industries and issues, which can, in turn, create interests that drive one's future career goals.

- Brian L. - University of Michigan | Mentor: Terry Newman, Director, MCC Group (Former McKinsey & Co. Strategy Consultant)

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