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Our mentors come from a range of fields and backgrounds, including technology, finance, investment banking, consulting, medicine, engineering, law, diplomacy, and public policy. Each mentor has a unique skill-set and impressive career, matched perfectly to their student’s interests and aspirations.


Israeli mentors in the SUNM network

Featured Mentors

Gai Berkovich
General Manager & Fmr. COO
Dan Povitsky
Vine Ventures
Ortal Sasson Hendin
Growth Investor
Greenfield Partners
Dafna Kantor Segal
Head of Israel
Morgan Stanley
Eric Reiner
Founder & Managing Partner
Vine Ventures
Terry Newman
MCC Group
Mickey Raviv
CAF Israel Ltd.
Eyal Zimlichman
Chief Transformation Officer & Chief Innovation Officer
Sheba Medical Center
Dana Koren
Customer Director ISR & Innovation Director
Nicole Priel
Ibex Investors
David Brooks
Managing Director
Investment Banking Citigroup Israel
Yuval Rooz
Co-Founder & CEO
Digital Asset
⁠⁠Liran Amrany
Team 8
Adina Shapiro
Herzog Fox & Neeman Law Firm
Ben Weiss
Venture Partner

What does being a mentor entail?


Mentor Network

Once you commit to being a mentor, we add you to our community of top Israeli professionals and executives in all fields.


Elite Connection

We will reach out to you twice per year to connect you with a top student leader on an elite campus.


Career Dialogues

You will have two required 30-minute phone calls or video chats with your student mentee. In the first call, you will be expected to introduce yourself and your career, while the student will give a summary of themselves and what they are seeking professionally. In the second required call, the dialogue continues, and you will witness the student’s professional growth within two months of the first call.


Beyond the Calls

Feel free to keep in touch and check-in with your mentee beyond the required calls.


I really enjoyed this program and learned so much from my mentor. My mentor taught me about not only being a consultant at BCG, but by talking to me about the culture in Israel he inspired me to intern at a start up in Israel. I will continue to reach out to my mentor throughout the recruitment cycle and would recommend for anyone to reach out to him!

Harper Dale

Vanderbilt University

Mentored by Dveer Ofer, Consultant at BCG

It was fascinating to learn about my mentor’s background professionally to where he is today as well as his experiences in the IDF and how it has tailored how he works. I learned a lot about the Israel investment space and it was great to discuss how his networks could potentially help with gaining industry experience. It was also great to meet the other fellows over a lovely salt-beef sandwich dinner in London and see the diversity with their backgrounds.

Vinosh Jegatheesan

University College London

Mentored by Boaz Toshav, Founder and Managing Director of Umbrella Advisors

My call with Dan was one of the most genuine and thoughtful mentorship / networking calls I have had to date. We discussed his background through IB / private equity / VC / founding his own VC fund, how to excel in my post-grad role at Point72 next year, how to achieve my goal to manage an investment fund someday (like him), and how he has navigated this year as one of the most intense of his career. I wish I would have learned more about Israel in our first call, so I look forward to circling back with Dan after the new year, and for years to come. I’d like to learn more about his youth in Israel, Vine Ventures’ investment philosophy in the country, and continue to educate myself on the developing situation in the region.

Nathan Witt

University of Michigan

Mentored by Dan Povitsky, Co-Founder of Vine Ventures

A fascinating conversation about Adina's charity work, experiences building Jewish identity in culture, work with Palestinian children and law career, as well as many insights into politics and government.

Franek Bednarski

Oxford University

Mentored by Adina Shapiro, Partner at Herzog, Fox & Neeman

I received professional insight from my mentor in a sector of interest and learned from his career experience in the US and Israel. I also had the opportunity to discuss his move to Israel. Form this, I gained a stronger understanding of the specifics of the Israeli financial sector and also how I can continue to foster my connection to the country.

Caleb van Ryneveld

Oxford University

Mentored by Joseph Stern, Investment Banking Associate at Evercore Israel

Our second call was great. We caught up about this past semester and my time abroad. It was also very interesting hearing his perspective about Hamas and Palestine (we had talked before regarding Facts on The Ground Michigan). Near the end of the call, the influence of social media, specifically TikTok, came up. Again, interesting to hear how he thinks it’ll shape the future and the impact it’s having on Israeli and American children. We will definitely stay in touch.

Sam Petersen

University of Michigan

Mentored by Jonathan Salomon, Principal & Head of Israel Group at Chartered Group