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Launched in 2018 by Adam Shapiro and Justin Shapiro initially at Cornell University in conjunction with the World Jewish Congress and the Israeli Foreign Ministry, Start-Up Nation Mentorship has grown to college campuses internationally, pairing student leaders of exceptional promise with top Israeli industry and government heads. The program enables students who would otherwise not engage with the incredible opportunities Israel has to offer to develop meaningful, lasting relationships with Israelis who are in the center of the dynamic global economy.


A common thread runs through the stories of individuals who have succeeded in building flourishing enterprises: the importance of mentorship. By having a seasoned mentor that can draw on their own personal background as well as the life experiences of those around them, an aspiring student can begin to orient their actions toward goals that will help them thrive. Whether it is how to take the first step into a particular industry as a fresh graduate, or who to contact when considering an expansion into Israel as a business executive, the relationships that students begin to cultivate through Start-Up Nation Mentorship will serve them for years to come.

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